Preview: Iron Sky – Internet Independent Filmmaking

Hi all…

Like most bloggers, I’m addicted to reading other blogs. 🙂 Every morning I read a number of them, including Slashdot.

Well, on Slashdot today, I saw an interesting article about a new Internet distributed movie project called Iron Sky. You can see the Slashdot article here.

The idea for the film is that the Nazis went to the moon during World War II. In 2018, they come back to conquer the world.

See the trailer for it after the break…

When I saw this, I have to say I was intrigued. Nazis on the dark side of the moon? What a sinister plot!

So I’m considering getting involved in some way or at least keeping apprised of the project’s process. They have a site where you can get additional information and buy “War Bonds” to help finance the film. And there’s a separate site called Wreck A Movie where you can get more direclty involved with the production. I wish I had the time to get more involved, but might just have to buy a war bond to help!

Anyway… I thought this was quite an interesting development. Internet collaboration on a full length feature film. Why the heck not?


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