Pollution Trumps Batman

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Hey all…

Just saw this lovely story reported on ComingSoon.net from the AP and CNN about how filming a scene for the new Batman movie (The Dark Knight) had to be cancelled due to the pollution in Hong Kong harbor. What an amazing concept. They found fun things like salmonella and TB in the water and didn’t want to subject cast or crew to such conditions.

Here’s the story: http://edition.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/Movies/11/04/hk.pollution.ap/index.html

Just bizarre. Proves though what I’ve heard from many people who have traveled to Asia (China especially). Pollution is horrible there. Air quality is bad. Water is bad. And the Olympics on 2008 will be there… Can hardly wait to see the political fall out of that decision…

Anyway… Have to say this is the first time I can remember hearing about a movie not being able to film scenes on location due to pollution!!

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