No Reservations was Half a Film…

Hi all…

Another movie I had a chance to see on DVD a few weeks ago was No Reservations, starring Abigail Breslin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Aaron Eckhart. If I had to give some advice about this film, I’d start it about 45 minutes in. Ignore the beginning and start there, you’ll enjoy it more.


You can see more about this film at IMDB here.

This is the story of the head chef (Zeta-Jones) for a well liked restaurant who suddenly has to take care of her sister’s daughter (Breslin) after a car accident. During this awkward phase, another chef fills in at the restaurant (Eckhart) and makes a mess of things…

What did I like? The relationships seemed genuine between Zeta-Jones, Breslin, and Eckhart once the movie got going.

What didn’t I like? It’s just odd for a film clocked at 104 minutes that the first 45 was throwaway.

Ultimately, I liked the second half of the film. As such, I can’t give it more than 2/4. That’s about half, right?


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