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(Now updated with the right trailer… Sorry guys.)

Looks like we’ll be going to a rougher, more violent Sherwood Forest this time around with director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe.

Robin Hood has been done and redone in movies since Douglas Fairbanks took to the screen role in 1922. The last time I saw a version of the tale I enjoyed, it was Kevin Costner playing Kevin Costner playing Robin Hood in 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Though cheesy in spots, it’s hard to deny that it was a fun film that I still enjoy as a guilty pleasure from time to time.

Now we have Ridley and Russell taking on the Man in Green. Joining Mr. Crowe is a huge cast:

Based on the trailer, I think we can safely say that there will be blood… Check it out! It comes to theaters on May 14, 2010!


p.s. While we wait for this one to come out, check out the many other Robin Hood movies available:

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  1. @24 Hours to Midnight – That’s funny. I have to admit it’s a guilty pleasure. Haven’t watched it for a while, but I may have to break it out soon. 🙂

  2. I first thought from watching the trailer is that this movie will be loaded with action scenes and most likely a lot more violence than other Robin Hood movies that I have watched. I look forward to seeing this latest version, but I feel this may be a too violent for my grandson to watch. Russell Crowe will make an outstanding performance I am sure. I really enjoyed his performance in “3:10 to Yuma.”

  3. @Steve Cappell – I totally agree. This definitely looks like a darker, more violent/bloody take on Robin than previous movies. We really enjoyed 3:10 to Yuma as well, and I don’t like westerns. 😉

  4. Fitz … I appreciate your site and reviews and I have started a RSS feed to my browser. As for westerns I am NUT over westerns. My late father-in-law use to collect old western movie prints and we watched as many of classic films that we could find. I understand completely people that don’t care for this genre and as we both know western movies are not high on Hollywood list of money making films. This may be the reason that I am interested in this latest version of Robin Hood … A MADIVAL WESTERN!

  5. @Steve Capell – I have to admit I’m starting to like westerns as I get older, but prefer those with deeper stories like Unforgiven and 3:10 to Yuma… But you’re absolutely correct that western themes can be found in many places, like Robin Hood and Star Wars even. 🙂 Happy New Year btw!

  6. I see that this movie will be produced in 3D … that will make the experience that much better.

  7. @Steve Capell – I’m not convinced 3D is the answer to anything, but it should make things interesting if used well.

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