Nancy Drew: Predictable, but not bad!

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This is really late in coming (watched the movie sometime at the end of March I believe), but I wanted to write about the updated Nancy Drew movie that came out last year. Amazingly, I thought it was predictable, but cute and actually a good update of the classic mystery series for pre-teens and teens.


Emma Roberts was actually quite good in the title role of teen sleuth, showing a gift for comic timing. This definitely wasn’t meant to be a serious movie, but one that was for fun. They kept the humor light throughout to keep things moving along. Even the older actors, like Tate Donovan and Rachel Leigh Cook, seemed to have fun.

IMHO, the mystery aspects of the movie were telegraphed but were still there. I suspect that they deliberately did that to keep the kids involved in the story. But there was enough there for young and old to enjoy throughout.

I’d give this movie a solid 3 out of 4 and take a look if another one came out down the line. My girls and wife enjoyed it, so I’m guessing we’d see it if another one came out.

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