My Netflix “Watch Instantly” Experience…

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Hi all…

I had a chance to watch the Justice League: The New Frontier animated movie over Netflix‘s “Watch Instantly” feature on their website and thought I’d write about it.

Amazingly enough, it worked really well. I say that as if I was shocked, because I was. I tried it a year ago and was sorely disappointed. But on Vista and using Internet Explorer (ugh), it worked remarkably well.

I’m a dedicated Firefox guy, so it was a little bizarre having to open up IE for this. I hope they can figure out how to make it work cross-browser. But ultimately it was pretty seamless.

It did have a few hiccups now and then as it streamed the movie to my desktop, but the quality was excellent on my 19″ wide-screen computer monitor. The colors were crisp and the sound quality was good.

Now that I’ve had one positive experience with it, I might have to start watching other movies online as time allows. It would certainly free up some of the backlog of movies I have in my Netflix queue. 🙂

So give it a shot if you’re a Netflix subscriber with Broadband internet access. You might like what you see. 🙂

Netflix, Inc.

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  1. I’ve used Netflix Watch Instantly a few times to watch eps of Weeds. I find short shows and my attention span work well when sitting at my PC.

    I’m a Firefox fanatic and can’t wait for the day I watch instantly w/o IE, though I’ve had no major problems with the current setup.

  2. @ReelWhore – That’s cool. I’m a big Firefox fan also and my patience of IE is low these days, but it seems to work ok for me also. I’ll have to do some watching of short episodes now. 🙂

  3. @Shawn How do you do it? Netflix constantly complains I’m not using IE when I try to do the online thing.

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