Movie Review: Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

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Hi all…

Today I ventured out and saw Bangkok Dangerous at my local all digital theater. Some of the action sequences in the trailers I saw before today made me curious about this film.

Before I start talking about the Nicholas Cage movie, let me talk a little bit about the remake aspects of this film. In 1999, the Pang Brothers made a movie by this same name in Thailand. (The brothers directed the Nick Cage remake as well.) In the original version, the assassin was deaf. He encounters a pretty young girl and develops a friendship, which changes his perspective on being a hitman.


Nick Cage’s character, Hitman Joe, is not deaf. He instead meets a beautiful deaf and mute girl on assignment in Bangkok, which opens his eyes to the long-term implications of his chosen profession. In the trailer, you’ll hear Joe talk about political assassination not being what he signed up for.

So how was the American version of this film? Not so hot. I haven’t seen the original, but now I’m tempted to rent it to see if the love story angle was done any better in that version.

What was wrong with the film? Everything except for 90% of the action scenes, which were excellent.

The love story between Joe and the deaf/mute pharmacy girl never really worked for me. Cage tried. But it all seemed very forced. I did enjoy the scene between Joe and the girl where they put coins into pots to give 50 coins for 50 wishes. It was a good way to show that Joe had lost touch with that part of himself. She had no problem coming up with multiple wishes, but he could only come up with one.

Like I said earlier, I did like 90% of the action scenes. The last assassination didn’t work for me because the flash forward/flash back again felt very forced.

However, the chase scene on boats in the floating market and a scene near the end where everything was bathed in an eerie red glow were very cool. Generally the fight choreography was excellent.

The third strike against this movie for me was the ending. But there’s no wondering what happens to some of the characters after the film is done. That’s for sure.

Was this a great flick? No. Only a mediocre one. I give it 2 out of 4. It really makes me hope that Ghost Rider 2 and the next National Treasure have a great story if and when we see them in the next few years.


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  1. hello, i’m laurent and i’m fan of this movie and i find the story between nicolas cage and the wonderful nice girl, charlie young , top of this art.their relation were magic, based only silence and the look.very strong.very good movie.i’m going to travel in thailand in 2010 and if someone cananswer where i can find the temple with the wishes 50 coins 50 xishes , it will be nice .thank email:

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