Love Guru is being pummeled by the press…

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Hey all…

Love GuruI’m a fan of Mike Myers‘… But have you seen some of the reviews for Love Guru? People are saying some really nasty things about it. Ain’t it Cool News had this article today…

And what’s funny to me is I was already on the fence about it vs. Get Smart. (You can see my fence sitting here.) But Get Smart is getting mixed press in a number of places. So I’m going to see Get Smart tomorrow sometime. (Sizziling Popcorn got a sneak peek and they say to see Get Smart. Your Movie Stuff didn’t really like Get Smart and says to rent it…)

Even funnier to me is that each time I see a WALL*E preview, I get more and more excited to see this next Pixar movie. I even noticed today that Pixar has put part of the short feature to precede WALL*E up on the internet for folks to see, and it’s fun! (Slash Film has the video on their site here.)

So… I’ll see Get Smart and WALL*E and we’ll see how these movies stack up against the rest of the summer fare!

Nothing is stopping my anticipation for Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight however… July is going to be a great month for movies, just like May was. ­čÖé


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  1. I’m trying to get an advance screening of Wall-E, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army and The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is the most anticipated movie of the summer and will definitely leap over the $100 M blockbuster fence. I’ve never seen the first Hellboy but I’m hoping to pick it up (in my busy movie schedule) before the sequel comes out.

  2. I loved the first Hellboy movie. Guillermo del Toro is a genius. ­čÖé I think I’m looking forward to both of them (Hellboy 2 and The Dark Knight) equally, but I’m going to give the edge to Dark Knight just because of Heath Ledger and the success of the other hero franchises this summer.

    Wall-E just looks hilarious. My family and I are all jonesing to see it. ­čÖé

  3. Wall-e looks like the Short Circuit robot to me. Do you think Mike Myers has the George Lucas syndrome? It became apparent to me that from the moment Star Wars Episode I was launched that George Lucas had nobody to answer to so became more than a bit self indulgent. Do you think Mike Myers made a totally indulgent film? Or did someone else write this one? Should he perhaps stuck to thinking about Austin Powers IV instead of creating another character who is mojo-obsessed (even if he is advising others on the subject instead this time).

  4. Yeah, Wall-E does sort of look like Number 5, which is funny, since I heard somewhere they’re looking at remaking Short Circuit. ­čÖé

    And “George Lucas Syndrome”… That certainly may be the case. Episode 1 was horrible (Jar Jar Binks and miticlorians). Eps 2 and 3 only slightly better.

    I think Myers had to step away from the fore to regroup and find himself again. Sounds like he found Deepak Chopra. And as much as I can respect that, I’ve never been one to equate philosophy or eastern religion with humor right off the bat.

    Will I see it? Yes, but probably as a renter.

  5. I just saw “The Love Guru” this afternoon and it was horrible! So much sexual comments, innuendos, twisted words, etc…….It’s #1 film….#1 WORST FILM!

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