Live Free or Die Hard – The Return of John McLane!

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Hi all!

Continuing my string of movie watching while my family is away, I saw Live Free or Die Hard yesterday. I have to say that I enjoyed it, though not perhaps as much as 1408 and definitely not as much as Transformers.

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Yes, Bruce Willis is back as John McLane. Scary to think that the role originated in 1988. It was followed by Die Hard 2 in 1990, which wasn’t worth the celluloid it was printed on. In 1998, we saw Sam Jackson join the fray in Die Hard With a Vengeance, which was actually ok. And now we have what amounts to Die Hard 4.

What makes this one and the last one work? Witty banter and a somewhat engaging story. Plus Justin Long does a great turn as a computer hacker sucked into the middle of the plot (bad guys try to kill him several times through the course of the movie). Long plays the role of cheerleader to Willis’ McLane, basically as a fanboy saying such silly things as “Did you see what you did?!?” “Yeah, I saw it. I did it!” “You just killed a helicopter with a car!” “I was all out of bullets.” That kind of back and forth throughout the film kept the violence from getting too hard.

Not that there wasn’t violence… Many many deaths, lots of bullets, quite a few explosions… Your typical Die Hard film.

What was bad about the film? Well… I think there were a few places where the dialogue had been edited but the mouths were still wiggling away saying different things. I believe most of these were toning down the expletives for the PG-13 rating that they eventually received. But it was still entertaining at times to see what amounted to a bad dubbing of a Japanese Godzilla flick. (Not that I’m bashing Japanese Godzilla flicks by the way — they hold a special place in my heart after watching Saturday afternoon matinees of them on television).

Like most sequels, this one never really re-invented itself — it just refreshed the plot, locations, and bad guys for the modern world. But it was a fun summer movie that I hope does well for Willis, who has done quite a few recent films that aren’t ever going to be watched by yours truly.

Anyway… Let me know what you think! I give this one 3/4. It was fun and involved lots and lots of Alienware computers. 🙂 Great product placement.

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  1. a little bit more realistic wouldn’t have killed anyone in this movie
    i mean i like wild car races & stunts and gunshooting, but the nine lives of mr maclane are pushing way to far this movie
    rambo was embarased and schwarzy shaked his head !!
    what i mean is: i believe we can make damn good action or spy movies without being ridiculous with overpushed stunts

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