In the Valley of Elah – Haggis + Jones + Theron = Great

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In the continuing saga of late reviews… We watched In the Valley of Elah, written and directed by Paul Haggis and starring Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Susan Sarandon, with other roles by Jason Patric, James Franco, Barry Corbin, and Josh Brolin.


David and Goliath fought in the valley of Elah and each day our soldiers in Iraq fight long odds of survival while facing their own fears to do their duty. But war, just or not, changes the men and women who fight it.

In the Valley of Elah is about some of the very real dangers of soldiers coming home from Iraq. To shift from the react or die mentality to a normal peacetime outlook at home is not so easy for a few. And of those few, there are those who don’t survive the transition.

Here‘s the link to IMDB for this one.

A masterful script from Paul Haggis leads us through discovering the ugly truths behind an AWOL soldier back from Iraq. This soldier is the son of retired MP Sergeant Hank Deerfield (Jones). And Detective Emily Sanders (Theron) helps Deerfield find the truth behind what happened.

This is not a feel good movie. But it makes you think about all the hell our men and women face every day in Iraq. Sometimes you need the truth to snap you out of the dream world we see in the media.

I am not a solider. I respect what they do for our country. And they deserve better than what they’re getting.

This is definitely a movie worth watching. I give it 3/4 just for the vicious content. But it’s worth watching.


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  1. I always wrestle with these types of movies as to whether to watch them or not. While they serve as a good reminder to look at a particular situation, they don’t always let facts or truth get in the way of a good story/message.

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