I Am Legend – 12/14/2007

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If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a Will Smith movie coming out before Christmas. I’m excited. We used to know it was July 4th when we’d see a Will Smith movie come out and he got away from his Independence Day mode for a while. So did Will Smith weekend somehow move when I wasn’t looking?

I Am Legend Poster

At any rate, I Am Legend is based on a science fiction novel written in 1954 by Richard Matheson about the last man alive in Los Angeles, California after a plague wiped out or altered the human race. The story revolves around Robert Neville (played in the 2007 movie by Will Smith) who survives the plague and goes about normal life to survive and try and understand why the plague transformed everyone but him.

It has been made into two movies before – The Last Man on Earth in 1964 (Vincent Price) and The Omega Man in 1971 (Charlton Heston). The new movie has been set in New York, since the writers/producers thought that New York as such a bustling metropolis at all hours of the day and night would be a much better contrast once the plague hits and it gets reclaimed by nature. Los Angeles in the writers’ minds can sometimes become eerily quiet at times, where you really don’t get “quiet” in New York City.

I will be very interested to see if Will Smith can pull this off, as he and his dog are alone for great chunks of the film from what I’ve heard. I think he’s developed into a heck of an actor since his Fresh Prince days, but we’ll see how he does when the movie is released. I’m excited. I think it’ll be a heck of a film. I look forward to seeing New York transformed, similar to what happened in the movie the Day After Tomorrow a few years ago.

What do you think? Excited or not? Let me know!


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