Hollywood Went to the Dogs Over the Weekend

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Yes, can you believe it?

Estimates are putting Beverly Hills Chihuaua earned $28 million dollars at the box office this weekend. Some sources are saying this is the 8th biggest October weekend of all time. This Disney movie is expected to earn as much as $90 to $100 million overall. Not bad for a movie about a bunch of half pint puppies. 🙂

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In second place was Eagle Eye with $17 million. This movie has already made $54.6 million dollars with a budget of maybe $80 million, so it should cruise to a profit sooner than later.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist picked up $12 million in its opening weekend.

Nights in Rodanthe picked up $7.3 million, bumping it to $25 million in its second week.

And Appaloosa in its first week of broad distribution earned $5 million.

To round out the rest of the top 12, you have:

  • Lakeview Terrace, earning $4.5 million, bringing it to a total of $32 million in its third week
  • Burn After Reading, earned another $4 million for a total of $51.6 million for the Coen Brothers film in its fourth week
  • Fireproof earned $4 million in its second week, bringing its total to $12.5 milliion in its second week
  • At the bottom of the top 10 you have An American Carol ($3.8 million), Religulous ($3.5 million), Flash of Genius ($2.3 million) and Blindness ($2 million)

All in all, not a bad weekend. The Top 12 movies earned almost an estimated $100 million for the weekend.

I’m still in shock that a chihuahua earned $29 million over the weekend. My daughters still want to see this flick. [Shudder]

This coming weekend we have Body of Lies, which I think will earn beaucoup bucks. You also have City of Ember, The Express, and Quarantine. So you have a spy/action flick, a kid action flick, a sports flick, and a horror. A little bit for everybody.

I’m hoping to get to see Body of Lies on Friday, but that remains to be seen.

Did anyone see any the rich chihuahua this weekend??


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