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Like “In the Valley of Elah“, Grace is Gone explores an often overlooked cost of the war in Iraq.

Father to two daughters, with a wife serving in Iraq, John Cusack‘s character is forced to deal with the situation all military families dread — the loss of a loved one in the service of their country. He can’t find the words to tell his kids their mother is gone. So they take a road trip to a major amusement park.


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Along the way, we see the oldest daughter dealing with growing up too fast and protecting her sister. We meet Cusack’s brother, who opposes the war and appears anti-government. And we learn a great deal about Cusack’s character’s views on duty and belief in one’s self and country.

This is an emotional film that does a great job showing us some of what that situation might be like without choosing a side in the war. That war takes its toll is what the film focuses on, not whether the war in Iraq is a good or bad thing — whether we are prepared to pay the human cost for each life lost. One life has tremendous ripples. Imagine the thousands killed and wounded in the line of duty.

Powerful film. Great performance by John Cusack. Solid 4/4.


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  1. Trench — agreed. I want to see War, Inc., despite the horrible reviews. I love Grosse Point Blank. One of my faves!

    Andrew — That’s my job. 🙂

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