Good news, True Believers! RDJ back for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers!

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Hey all…

Best news I’ve heard today.

According to Marvel, Robert Downey Jr. is signed to reprise his role as Tony Stark for Iron Man 2 (currently scheduled for release in 2010). Jon Favreau will be directing that one.  And The Avengers movie that’s been talked about since Iron Man opened will have Favreau on board as a producer and Downey Jr. reprising his role again (though it’s not scheduled for release until 2011).

And if that wasn’t enough, Downey Jr. is signed for a third movie (with Iron Man he signed a 4 movie deal with Marvel) that is suspected to be a third Iron Man film.

Oh happy day!

This in addition to re-casting John Rhodes to be played by Don Cheadle now instead of Terrence Howard.

You can read more at the Marvel site here.

Should be an interesting few years seeing how this all comes to fruition!


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  1. @trench Totally agree. RDJ made that movie. So did Favreau, so to have both on board is a great sign we’ll end up with another great Iron Man movie. 🙂

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