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Hi all…

So I went to see Get Smart over The Love Guru today. I won’t know truly if it was a bad decision until I rent or see Love Guru sometime down the line. But on first blush, I think I picked wisely (as the old Templar Knight in The Last Crusade would say)…

Get Smart boils down to two things… Funny? Check. Memorable? Well… Maybe not. It had its moments, but could have been done better. I think the TV series worked better because the scale was so much smaller. 30 minutes is a lot easier to fill with great material than 2 hours is to fill with good material.

Did I like it? Yes. It had its moments. Lots of throwbacks to the original series, including the car, the shoe phone, the cone of silence, and a cameo by the original head of Kaos (I think that’s who he was, but I may have been mistaken.).


You can see the IMDB link here:

Steve Carrell’s Maxwell Smart is a bit different than the 60s version played by Don Adams. Adams’ Smart was an uncoordinated bumbler who always managed to succeed while doing the wrong thing. Carrell’s Smart actually has some skills, but he’s just a rookie agent. I guess there’s really only a little bit of a difference there. But it only sort of worked for me.

Now Anne Hathaway‘s Agent 99 worked for me. She’s only in her mid 20s, but dang! Brought to mind bits of Catherine Zeta Jones in one part of the movie… She was actually the best part of the movie beyond a few scenes in the script that either had me outright laughing or giggling. ūüôā

Dwayne Johnson didn’t do much for me in this one. Sorry man. You just didn’t pull it off.

The surprise for me was Alan Arkin as The Chief. He looked like he was having the time of his life!

So is this a perfect movie? Not for me. Did I enjoy it? In parts, yes. I’m going to give it a 2.5/4. It’s not one I’ll remember after a few weeks, but it was fun and Anne Hathaway was hot!

You can see reviews from other folks… Nearly everybody enjoyed it…

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Until next time… Go see a movie!


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  1. Great to hear that you liked it!

    “a cameo by the original head of Kaos (I think that‚Äôs who he was, but I may have been mistaken.).”….my brother thought it was someone from the original too….he thought it was Maxwell Smart (Adams), but I guess not.

    Thanks for the links! I will be sending my link to IMDb to be added. You could do the same if you have IMDb Pro.

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