Fool’s Gold wasn’t bad…

Hey all…

Amazingly enough I think if I write this review, I’m caught up. 🙂 Fool’s Gold, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, wasn’t bad. It even had Malcolm-Jamal Warner in it, which was kind of interesting. Think Matthew McConaughey treasure hunting movie crossed with a cute romantic comedy.


It was fun. The daughter of the rich guy was an annoyance, but I think the character was built that way. The gay couple of cooks was cute. I think they had some of the best lines in the whole movie.

But I’m not quite sure why it got hit so badly by the press and audiences. Maybe it was just that we’d already seen it sort of with Into the Blue with Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. Not sure.

It wasn’t great. But it really wasn’t bad. Fun with a little bit of (probably made up) history.

We liked it, but didn’t love it, so we’ll give it 2.5/4. If you have some time for a frivolous movie, slip it in. 🙂


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