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To round out the four movies I said I’d go see over my break, I saw the latest Fantastic Four movie this morning… Rise of the Silver Surfer

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What can I say but… I’m glad I didn’t see this one opening weekend. The first one was bad, but this one is worse.

I have to say that I’m in love with Jessica Alba — have been since Dark Angel — but I don’t think I can see any more of her as Susan Storm – aka Invisible Woman – because she just looked horrible as a blonde with blue contacts this time. The rest of the cast did about the same as last time — which wasn’t horrible, but definitely wasn’t good.

The plot is straight out of the original Fantastic Four comic books. Silver Surfer has been a star in that universe forever — and Galactus should strike fear in the hearts of any F4 fanboy. But it didn’t do anything for me. I stayed to the end, hoping it would redeem itself, but it never really did.

What’s good? The Silver Surfer effects. Doug Jones was the physical essence of the surfer. He’s simply amazing and the effects they did for the Surfer were very cool. But Lawrence Fishburne did the voice and that didn’t jive for me. I like Fishburne as an actor, but I always thought the voice would be more like Abe Sapien from Hellboy (another Doug Jones character, though voiced by another actor I believe, though I can’t find out for sure on IMDB — anyone know for sure?).

What’s bad? Pretty much everything else. It’s all contrived. And though you know going in that it’s a comic book movie, this one was more like Catwoman (bomb) than Spiderman (cool).

I’m going to give it 2/4 stars. If you really must see it, rent it. Fast forward to the parts involving the Surfer.

Anybody else have an opinion? Share it!

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