DVD Review: Shaun the Sheep – Off the Baa!

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As huge fans of Wallace and Gromit, we were honored to get a chance to take a look at Shaun the Sheep – Off the Baa! when it was announced.

Shaun the Sheep first came on the scene in Wallace & Gromit’s short film, A Close Shave in 1995. He caused no end of trouble for the famous pair. And that appearance spawned a spin-off series of 40 seven-minute episodes. Off the Baa! is the first DVD collection of the show and includes eight hilarious episodes.


Evidently the show has been shown on the Disney Channel and has been regularly among the top 5 shorts. (Shaun even has his own Disney Channel web page – click here!) Apparently we don’t watch enough Disney Channel at our house!

Each episode combines slapstick humor and old-style silent comedy in new and entertaining ways as we meet Shaun and all the other animals on the farm.

Characters include:

  • Shaun (the leader of the flock)
  • Timmy and his Mum (Timmy is the baby sheep of the flock)
  • Bitzer (the Farmer’s Dog)
  • The Farmer (very confused, but not very smart)
  • Shirley (the biggest sheep on the lot)
  • The Pigs (always trying to spoil the sheep’s fun)

The eight episodes included on the DVD are:

  • Off the Baa
  • Timmy in a Tizzy
  • Buzz Off Bees
  • Who is the Mummy
  • Mower Mouth
  • Fleeced
  • Shaun Shoots the Sheep
  • Mountains Out of Molehills

Since I have soccer players at my house, we were all entertained by “Off the Baa” when Shaun and company turn a cabbage head into a soccer ball and have a match. The Pigs (always hungry) have to try and steal the ball for a mid-day snack of course!

“Mower Mouth” and “Mountains Out of Molehills” introduce a couple of other characters… a goat who eats everything in one case and a mole who’s digging holes all across the farm. Both cause no end of trouble for Bitzer and Shaun.

In addition to the eight great episodes, there are a few extras. A “Meet the Animals” feature that introduces us to the cast of characters for Shaun the Sheep from a kid’s point of view. And a couple of sneak peeks for a “Shaun of the Sheep” game for the Nintendo DS and “Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures” games from Telltale Games.

For any fans of stop-motion animation, Wallace & Gromit, or just fun family animation, Shaun of the Sheep – Off the Baa! provides a fun introduction to Shaun’s world!


p.s.  Pick up Shaun the Sheep at Amazon and look for it on The Disney Channel!

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