DVD Review: Nim’s Island (2008)

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Over the weekend I had a chance to watch Nim’s Island with my family. This movie, starring Abigail Breslin as Nim, Jodie Foster as Alexandra Rover, and Gerard Butler as Jack Rusoe and Alex Rover. (Did  you catch the great pun in Jack Rusoe’s name?)


The story revolves around Nim (Breslin) and her father Jack (Butler), who is a marine biologist, living on a small uncharted island in the South Pacific. Nim has an active imagination and loves Alex Rover novels (penned by Alexandra Rover (Foster)). Nim also has a number of animal friends to keep her company, including a sea lion, a bearded dragon (lizard), and a pelican.

Nim's Island

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This is first and foremost a movie for families with small children. My two girls loved this film and there’s much for adults to like about it as well. That said, it’s not a memorable film in my book. Kid friendly but a bit of a forgettable story I’m afraid.

Like many kid movies, it focuses on a great kid in an odd situation, adds in animals and some absurd events and a few larger than life characters. Not much substance beneath all the shiny bits.

The movie starts strong, introducing us to the backstory of Nim, her father, and her friends. But once Foster’s over the top writer character (very agoraphobic and generally scared of interacting with the world) enters the picture, and then the cruise ship of wacky tourists arrives later, we’ve kind of gone off the deep end.

It appeared however that Foster, Breslin, and Butler all had a great time making this film.

We enjoyed the extra “Nim’s Friends” on the disc, which went into detail about all the various animal actors that were involved in making the scenes between Nim and her animal friends work. Two sea lions, multiple bearded dragons, and a couple of pelicans were used interchangably because working in the studio was too warm. If one animal got tired, they’d swap it out for another one.

Breslin really seemed to be in sync with her animal co-stars and genuinely enjoyed working with them. It’s nice to see young stars like Abigail Breslin providing positive role models for young girls. I hope she doesn’t fall prey to the pitfalls of Hollywood as she grows older.

Ultimately, this was a fun movie for me and my family, but not much more than that. It gets a decent 2.5 out of 4.

Enjoy it with your family!


p.p.s. If you didn’t get the pun, Jack Rusoe lives on an island like Robinson Crusoe… Jac[k Rusoe]. I didn’t see it until I started writing my review. 😉

p.s. You can pick it up from Amazon:

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