DVD Review: I Love You, Man


What do you get when you mix Paul Rudd (recently in Role Models, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up) and Jason Segel (from How I Met Your Mother and Forgetting Sarah Marshall)? Fun times. Combine that with a great script about a budding bromance and you have a comedy with some serious hilarity.

[amazon-product]B001PR0Y6W[/amazon-product]Rudd’s Peter Klaven has become engaged to his girlfriend of eight months, Zooey (Rashida Jones). And, during the wedding planning it’s become very aware that Peter has no guy friends to speak of, whereas Zooey has several (very eclectic) girl friends she hangs out with regularly.

To fix the balance between a lack of groomsmen and many bridesmaids, Peter seeks the help of his gay brother Robbie (Andy Samberg), who works at a gym. Big brother gets tips on how to go on man dates with likely subjects. This process of course is not without its pitfalls, including a gross projectile vomiting incident with Barry (Jon Favreau) after a poker game.

After a few such incidents, Peter loses hope in finding someone to be his best man and bumps into Segel’s Sydney Fife – this great, honest guy enjoying being single in California. Peter strikes up a friendship with Sydney and we get some wonderful “guy” moments interspersed with some odd moments here and there.

The fact that Peter gets into this bromance so deeply begins to trouble fiancee Zooey, but it all gets sorted out by the end.

Beyond the main actors, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by Lou Ferrigno‘s scenes. He stole the show in a few places (the Ferrigno/Segel sleeper hold incident comes to mind) and added a celebrity dimension to the real estate market Peter was working in.

Though I know my wife enjoyed the movie too, I felt that the characters definitely came from a guy’s perspective – especially Zooey’s female friends, who were all caricatures. One was self centered and wondering why she couldn’t find a nice guy, and another (played by Jaime Pressly) fit the profile of a wife constantly fighting with her husband and then having great make-up sex afterwards. Though I know a few folks with interesting personality clashes in their relationships, these ladies took the cake.

Beyond the movie, the DVD does include a number of extras, including a commentary track by director John Hamburg with Rudd and Segel, a “Making of…” feature, some extras, extended and deleted scenes, and an eleven-minute Gag Reel.

The “Making of I Love You, Man” describes how the project came about from a script by Larry Levin and was then contributed to by director, producer, and writer Hamburg and producer Donald De Line. This was De Line’s first producer credit, so you could tell it was a well tended project. And everyone on board from the producers, writers, cast and crew really bought into the movie concept to bring it to the big screen.

The “Extras” section includes nine different mini-features from “Whole Bunch of Tongue” to “City Slacka – Paul Rudd Tries to Get Through One Line.” Though I loved the Gag Reel, I have to say this is a hilarious string of features that had me rolling in places. I’m amazed at some of the improvised lines that didn’t make it into the movie!

Six “Extended Scenes” are also included and once again showed the improvisational gift of the cast. When Rudd starts going into the “Different Strokes” theme song at the engagement dinner, it was a stroke of genius. It’s obvious that Rudd and Segel had a great time riffing on each other at length during filming.

Also in the long list of special features are three Deleted Scenes, of which you catch glimpses of during the Gag Reel. “The Lost Man Date – Rugby” and “Gay Bowling League Night” would have been great during the film, and I’m a little shocked they weren’t included. But the “Groomsmen Photo Session” was a bit disturbing with all of their pants around their ankles. (Maybe it’s just me.)

I Love You, Man was hilarious and definitely worth seeing if you missed it at the theater. Be sure to check it out at your favorite rental or retail outlet!


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