Does TV’s Lack of Originality Disturb You?

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Hey all…

So today I heard that Shannon Doherty has just been confirmed as part of the new Beverly Hills 90210 remake. Tori Spelling was already involved I believe. And I think Jennie Garth and the guy who ran the “Peach Pit” are also in this new spin-off. (See more here at

Last year we saw The Bionic Woman falter. We saw Knight Rider make a comeback.

And 99% of the other shows seem to be variations on a theme. (The exception in my mind was Big Bang Theory.)

Hollywood too has had a long stretch of remaking older movies. And yes, we seem to go through this phase now and then. But who really needs to see an updated version of Short Circuit? Come on!

Where are the original scripts? Chris Nolan did Memento a few years ago, and that cemented his entry into the world of unique film makers. He’s continued making bold and amazing films with Batman Begins, The Prestige, and now The Dark Knight. M. Night Shymalan did that quite a while ago with the Sixth Sense and has fallen further and further into mediocre outings.

Who’s writing unique and challenging screenplays and television scripts? Anybody?

Even Guillermo del Toro is starting to fall into that trap… The Hobbit just follows on the heels of the Lord of the Rings… Let’s just hope that he keeps making unique films like Pan’s Labyrinth.

Is anyone else disturbed by this trend that seems to be getting much much worse?

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? (Btw… if they remake Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I know the world is coming to an end.)


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