Dakota Skye… A little bit JUNO… A little bit HEROES…

Hi there!

Have you heard about this interesting movie that just came out on DVD called Dakota Skye?

Dakota is a 17-year old girl with the ability to recognize lies as they’re being told. Can you imagine going through high school with that ability? People lie all the time – little white lies that make life go more smoothly. What would you do if you couldn’t trust anyone around you – friends or family? Newcomer Eileen Boylan plays Dakota Skye and evidently was quite the charmer, evoking comparisons to 2007’s Juno starring Ellen Page.

When her boyfriend’s best friend, Jonah (Ian Nelson) comes to town, she discovers an amazing fact about him. He doesn’t lie. But is the lack of lies a trick or just how he is?

The DVD for Dakota Skye was just released on July 21, 2009. Be sure to check it out!

Keep an eye on this blog too for a possible Dakota Skye DVD giveaway!

In the meantime, check out this cool widget with clips, photos, and information about the movie.

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  1. Just by chance I happened to trip accross your page, and I’m just trilled that you also enjoy the green knight ^_^

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