Casting for the new JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie

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Hey all…

So I don’t know if anybody follows movie casting at all… But the news on the internet seems to be that JJ Abrams‘ new Star Trek movie project is going to be populated by an interesting cast…

To say that this is a unique cast would be an understatement. I’m excited about Pegg & Cho as Scotty & Sulu… Don’t know Yelchin or Saldana… Zachary Quinto is great as the evil Sylar in Heroes… And I can’t say I’ve ever seen Chris Pine. So it’s a mixed bag.

But JJ Abrams has done interesting things in the past. MI:3 was the last movie I saw of his and it could’ve been renamed “Run Tom (Cruise), Run!” because that’s pretty much all Tom’s character did. But I liked the first season or two of Alias, so maybe this will work out.

Anyway… That’s it for now. Until next time… Boldly go where no one has gone before!


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  1. One strange thought occurred to me on the casting of Kirk… The original captain in the Star Trek pilot in 1966 was Christopher Pike — Pike/Pine — a little coincidence? Probably. 🙂 Just weird. 🙂

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