Awesome Green Lantern: First Flight Trailer from DC Animated

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I’m a comic geek, but I came very late to the party. My parents didn’t allow me to buy comic books as a kid (though I spent a lot of time going through my Uncle’s Golden Age comics in a box at my Grandparents’ house). That said, I’ve been making up for lost time by enjoying the various animated and live action comic book movies over the last 20 years.

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DC Animation has done a great job with their last couple of offerings – Wonder Woman was fun, as was Justice League: The New Frontier. Green Lantern: First Flight, which comes out this summer, looks just as good as Wonder Woman. We got a brief taste of GL in the Justice League movie… but now he gets a movie all his own.

Check it out below. It’s worth it. I want to see it now. 🙂


p.s. If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman or Justice League: The New Frontier be sure to pick them up  at Amazon:


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