Are there any good blog groups for reviews?

A popcorn maker.Image via WikipediaHi all…

I was wondering this morning (yes, it’s odd that a) I’d be thinking and b) I’d be thinking in the morning) if there are any good blog networks for movie and television reviews? There are a ton of great movie blogs on Entrecard — SizzlingPopcorn, Worth the Popcorn, Movie Reviews by FAQs, Soundtrack Geek (related), and many others…

Are any of you actually members of a blog network? Or should we create one? It would be nice if we did more inter-linking than we already do (I try to remember to link to your reviews, but I know I’ve been slacking lately). We all have valuable opinions and it doesn’t hurt to spread the word about each of our various blogs and the many many reviews we all post on a regular basis. And I doubt that by linking to each others reviews where appropriate we’d be diluting our audiences — in fact, we may be extending them.

Anybody interested?


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  1. You could start one. I watch too little movies at the cinema to join, although I eventually will get to watch it on DVD when it comes out, and if the movie is prominent enough for me to remember 🙂

    Needless to say, movies like Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Superman et al, need no reminders! hehheheh!

  2. Hey Fitz,

    You are in luck! I happened upon your post at one of those sites that aggregates (steals?) a bunch of blog posts and lists them all (it had some of mine as well). But that’s not the news.

    I started a directory of movie blogs about six months ago called the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB). In fact, Soundtrack Geek is one of the LAMBs. You (and anyone else you think might be interested) ought to join. Right now, there are just about 75 LAMBs.

    The URL is


  3. No problem. The LAMB welcomes you both! You’re getting in at a good time, as there’s a big event starting Monday…

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