A Poltergeist Remake? What the…?

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Once again in the realm of “doesn’t need to be remade”, we see a major studio deciding to remake a classic horror/supernatural story from the early 1980s… Poltergeist.

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Yes, you read that right.

MGM has hired Vadim Perelman (director of House of Sand and Fog) to remake this classic picture, written and produced by Steven Spielberg, originally directed by Tobe Hooper, and starring Craig T Nelson, JoBeth Williams, and that cute little blond girl (Heather O’Rourke) who died 6 years later during the filming of Poltergeist III.

Question: Why does this classic horror movie need to be remade?

Answer: It doesn’t.

Cale Boyter, Executive Vice President of Production at MGM, said the following in a press release:

“We are excited to have Vadim direct POLTERGEIST, a title which already has a built-in movie-going audience,” said Boyter. “With his established track record, we look forward to having him lead the creative direction on this new character-based horror project that will utilize the original film as a jumping off point.”

You can read the press release here.

I’m not looking forward to this one. Perelman may be a fine director, but I’m getting tired of remakes, especially when it’s a remake I don’t think needs to be done.

Anybody else annoyed by Hollywood’s need to remake the world in a more modern image? Or is it just me?


p.s. If you want to check out the original Poltergeist movies, check ’em out on Amazon:

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