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Hey all…

I don’t know if I’m late to the party or not, but I stumbled on this great hilarious site with abridged scripts to some of your recent faves (or least faves).

It’s called the Editing Room, written by Rod Hilton, who writes for Total Film magazine and does the abridged scripts for them. And his dry wit just leaps off the page and slaps you (or maybe just me) upside the head. Gotta love it when you find something like that.

His latest script is for The Dark Knight, but one of the gems I found was from Iron Man. And I’ll just quote one particular passage and let you read the rest (it’s worth it)…

“… Eventually he gets back to AMERICA, which instantly makes everything BETTER.


Robert! Welcome back. As your partner and obvious eventual bad guy, I was extremely worried about you. Tell me what you used to escape and if we can sell it.


Later. First, I need a delicious, juicy, American hamburger! Failing that, one of Burger King’s tasteless, squashed heaps of grade D meat and soggy bread will do fine.


The rest of it’s here

So if you’re feeling like a chuckle… Check it out. If you like movies or just ripping on them, this sites for you! (I’ll be adding it to my list of links now… 🙂 )


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