1408 – Watch the movie, but don’t stay in the room!

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Continuing my string of movies watched while my wife and girls are gone, I saw the movie 1408 with John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson. I can sum it up in just a few words — smart, fun, and creepy. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450385/


I went and saw it in a not-so-great theater, but my sister and I were among the 5 people in the audience, so that made up for it. 🙂

The movie is about a writer who visits supposedly haunted places, stays, and writes books like 10 Scary Motels… 10 Scary Graveyards… Etc. I guess they’re like travel books for people who like spooky ambiance. At any rate… He goes to New York and stays in a hotel with a haunted room – 1408. The manager (Sam Jackson) does everything he can to keep Cusack’s character out, but of course it doesn’t work.

Cusack’s writer is sure there is no such thing as ghosts. Anyone who’s seen the trailer will see that he might have changed his mind after staying in room 1408. It plays with his mind.

I’ll save the twists and turns for you when you get to the movie. It’s definitely worth seeing. We were seeing many parallels to Dante’s Inferno, and when he gets to the 9th circle of hell, you’ll know the air conditioning in the theater is feeling really good while it’s in the 80s to 100s wherever you happen to be.

Anyway… I’ll give this one 4 out of 4. It was smart, fun, and one of my favorite lines in the whole movie was heard after he tries to escape the room and falls from the ceiling through the table on the floor, moans once, and says “Well, it’s great to be back…”

Have a great summer!


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  1. One more thing… If you ever have to stay in a hotel with 14 or more floors, I recommend you don’t stay in room 1408. And if you still feel like entering after seeing the movie, whatever you do — don’t close the door. If you do, all I can say is “See ya!”

    It’s kind of like watching the Lost series premiere and deciding that the next time you rode in an airplane you’d ride only in certain seats, because those people survived. 🙂

    Luckily that’s passed… (I’m no longer addicted to Lost…) But it’s fun to consider the circumstances sometimes of performing actions that in movies and television got other people in trouble…

  2. I’m very hard to please when it comes to the horror genre, but pleased I am with 1408, a dread concoction from Stephen King, sharply committed to film by a clever screenplay, solid direction and terrific performances.

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