A Sad Farewell to the Boo

Hi there…

I have some sad news to report, but first some folks may need a little context…

Those of you who know me know that I’m married to a veterinarian and she’s always had pets. I went through a long spell between the end of high school and living on my own where I didn’t have any – but as my relationship with Ev grew, I became attached to her collection of pets. And over the last 10 years, though we’ve lost some and gained some, one of the constants has been our cats – Montana Sunshine (aka “Boo”) and Tigger (aka Tiggy, Tiggy-butt, Fat thing, etc.).

Of all our animals since losing Lobo (a wolf hybrid) and Dakota (a Corgi-mutt) to cancer while living in Phoenix, I have come to love the Boo best. Yes, I know you’re not supposed to favor one “kid” over another – but it happens. Boo comes first in my mind as far as our animals go.

As my wife puts it, Boo is a “’93 model” making her about 17 years old. And for the last 4 or 5 years, we’ve been dealing with her diabetes. I make an ok vet tech in a pinch (which means that I follow directions well) and have been trained to give insulin shots twice a day, hold off while drawing blood, help while testing blood sugar, and even serve as a halfway decent IV stand now and then.

But when the Boo had a bad diabetes-related crash back in March, we were worried. She recovered after a few days in the animal emergency hospital, but never quite got back to where she was before. And every day we could see her slowly fade away. Sure she had good days and bad, but the bad days were getting more and more frequent.

Today we finally had to put her to sleep. Though it’s tough to let her go, her general quality of life was not good. She could barely walk after missing a few jumps from the table to the counter or even from a lower chair, slept most of the day, and she just wasn’t the same perky Siamese kitty we all knew and loved.

It’s a sad day. She’s been a family member, not a pet, for me for ten years. And she will be missed.

What will I miss? The 7am howling from the kitchen table announcing that she’d like her breakfast please. The attitude when boxing the dogs on the nose if they get too close. And most of all, her flopping on the living room floor so I could rub her belly and give her a good dose of lovin’.

Farewell Boo, we will miss you.


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