Thanks Go to My Top 10 EntreCard Droppers… (Some Friday LinkLuv)

Hi all…

Just thought I’d take a moment to say thank you to my top 10 EntreCard droppers… You all rule!


Here are a few more details about each of these sites…

  • Worth the Popcorn
  • Love this site. Very different rating system makes me keep coming back regularly for updates. Even though I don’t always agree with the review, I appreciate the point of view!
  • Environmentastic!
  • Amazing site that makes you look at environmental impact from a variety of viewpoints, even going so far as to offer practical advice on making your own life greener!
  • Geek Riddles
  • Every day I try to visit Geek Riddles and scratch my head trying to figure those darn things out!
  • Sizzling Popcorn
  • This is another of the movie review sites I visit regularly for news and reviews. And since they got their own domain name, I have to say it’s fun to just poke around and see what else is there too!
  • Cromely's World
  • Cromely always presents two different types of articles IMHO… Those that make you think and those that make you laugh, with a smattering of those that make you go “Huh?” But that’s the thing that keeps me coming back to read. 🙂
  • Archon Digital
  • Archon Digital provides a variety of different articles on philosophy, fiction, video games, and SEO. I always look forward to seeing what the article of the day looks like.
  • Prove Me Wrong
  • The Prove Me Wrong site always provides a bit of sunshine in my sometimes monotonous days. Her articles and images with thought balloons always make me smile.
  • Reality is Over Rated
  • Reality is Overrated sometimes matches my thoughts too closely for comfort (yes, we’re both probably warped beyond belief. This is another one that makes me laugh on a regular basis, so I keep coming back for the humor. 🙂
  • Daily updated list of blog contests
  • Who doesn’t like contests?! The Daily list of blog contests always has fresh content and details about a variety of different blogs or sites offering contests.
  • Blogster's Guild
  • This is another blog that I keep coming back to for the humor. One of the recent articles (see it here) made me laugh one morning when I needed it this week!

And by the way, all of these folks are great at reciprocating drops and promptly accepting or declining ad requests.

Thanks again to all of you who drop cards on my site! I look forward to discovering MORE cool sites as we all get to know one another in the EntreCard community!

p.s. I FORGOT ONE! Geez… Can’t forget Superhero BaseSuperhero Base Love this site. Great sense of humor!


  1. I forgot to add the Superheroes Base to my list! Ack! I’ve remedied that now. Sorry for the omission!

  2. Thanks for mentioning our little blog there Fitz! I guess I have to check out the Waitress too. I’ve heard good things about it. Anyway, see you tomorrow when I drop my next card. 🙂

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