Some Friday LinkLuv

Hi all…

I’m starting a new feature on my blog and pointing out a few posts from the week that caught my attention. So today’s posts are:


  • From, we have the Indiana Jones trailer in beautiful Quicktime — here.
  • From, we have notice that JJ Abrams new Star Trek movie has been pushed to next May — here.
  • From, we have a preview of the movie Jumper, which opened 2/14 — here.
  • From, we have one of the GOOROO’s main inspirations — Ferris Bueller.
  • From Zen Habits, we have 7 tips for inspiring your writing — here.
  • From Twitfall, we have an amusing video of a belly dancer who loses the battle to a piece of furniture… here.
  • From Dungeon Mastering, we have a post telling how to get free e-Books from Tor publishing here. (I’ve already received my first e-Book from this offer and am looking forward to reading Mistborn!)

Hope you enjoy these posts like I did! Happy Friday and have a good weekend!


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