Some Friday Feb 22 LinkLuv

Hi all…

Time for the Friday LinkLuv post… It’s been another entertaining week on the web (aren’t they all?)!


  • If you haven’t been following the great series of articles on making your own WordPress themes, you should check out CK Marketing here for part 5 (and links to the other 4). It’s detailed and very helpful for anyone looking to roll their own theme!
  • Jay over at ‘Dat’ always has informative articles. This week he posted an article on why you should always include images in your posts here. (Includes a nice photo of Halle Berry too!)
  • Over at Oddee’s blog, you’ll find a list of some of the most breathtaking monasteries in the world, with pictures and a brief description of each here. Very cool to see another side of the world this way!
  • The new movie Vantage Point has encouraged articles at and SoundtrackGeek… Different perspectives of the film. (Though the trailer looked interesting, it’s now been relegated to my “rental” queue after this review.)
  • The Gooroo at EffingTheDog talks about Flock and how it saves time in his day here.

And that’s it for now. I hope to get a chance to watch a few DVDs this weekend and post some new reviews next week!

Enjoy your weekend!


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