Real time (or nearly so) Chat for the Lair Courtesy of Redux!

Hey there!

Last week I was pinged by the great folks over at who were curious if I’d be interested in helping test out their conversation engine that’s currently in closed beta. That’s right… The Lair was invited to a closed beta. How cool is that?

What does it mean for you? The Lair devotee? It means you can join in and start a conversation or <gasp> comment on some of the posts in real time. Does this mean you’re off the hook for commenting? Only if you don’t feel like commenting. 🙂

Just playing around with the site yesterday, I have to say I was impressed. It’s VERY responsive and the folks who are on it are quite active, leaving posts and comments throughout the day on a variety of topics and links.

You’ll notice a new image:

Lair of the Green Knight Live Stream on Redux!

I’ll be sticking this button on my sidebar, so any time you feel like checking out the current chat, feel free to drop on by! If you do, you’ll be among the proud, the few, the special invited to join in the conversation on Redux!

Be sure to check it out!


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