How to share your memes at Qassia!

Hi there!

Wanted to share a new meme-sharing site called Qassia. It’s another service in beta at the moment that focuses on helping bloggers and writers from the web distribute their “intel” to others on the internet.


Basically you write articles, similar to some of the other article-sharing sites, and have your fellow Qassia users rate them. Each article you submit or rate or user you get to sign up for the service gets you Qassia dollars. The more Qassia dollars you have, the higher your sites rank at Qassia. Also, for each article you write, you get a backlink back to your sites, which improves your sites’ rankings in various places around the web also. Finally, if your article generates any ad revenue, Qassia has some revenue sharing qualities also.

So sign up today and start distributing your own articles via the Qassia experience. Here’s the link to sign up.


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