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BookstoreI’ve been jonesing for going to the bookstore for the last week or so and have resisted because of a lack of fundage. But was curious what the folks reading this blog do to curb their appetite for books, at least those who have a bibliophilic nature like myself. 🙂

I tend towards Barnes & Noble. Yes, it’s a big chain store I know. But I can browse its shelves in the science fiction or fantasy area for a while, then bounce to the magazine rack, and if I have time hit the history, eastern philosophy, or writing books sections. And if I have my girls with me or am searching for something for them, I almost always have to visit the kids’ book section too.

Though I like Amazon, it’s not the same thing. I like to browse. I like to pick up a book, check out the cover flaps, maybe look at a few pages… But I know a lot of people who simply shop online these days. Now, I’m guilty of that too. If there’s a book I *KNOW* I want, I’ll sometimes just go and order it. But for the most part, I either pick up my books (hardbacks typically) at B&N or order them via the Science Fiction Book Club, which is another of my Achilles heels.

Yes, I like SFBC… I get the mailer and eagerly tear through it every month. I may not buy anything, but it at least gives me ideas. And I probably will actually order something about once a quarter from them. They have good prices and I enjoy 90% of what I order based on the blurb in their mailer.

But B&N is my main source for books.

My mother would prefer I went to the library and just checked them out. “Do you have to buy them?” she’s asked on a number of occasions. And always I have to say “yes”. It’s in my nature. Inherited through my father and my grandmother (his mom), both big book people.

What do you think? Where do you get most of your books? Do you like to browse or simply jump in and order online? Let me know!



  1. I could LIVE in Barnes & Noble. I used to love Borders and Walden Books, but B&N is closer for me now… My boyfriend keeps trying to make me put away (or, God Forbid, get rid of) all the books I own now. Unfortunately, there are a load of them that I have yet to read.. Damn internet…. lol..

  2. I worked in bookstores for a while and spent more than I made; I always bought books in hardback. After I had kids and began drowning in all their detritus, however, I began divesting myself of a lot of my own. Now, as much as I like bookstores, I pause before buying anything to ask myself whether I’d ever read it more than once. If the answer is no, I get it from the library. Saves money, makes me feel holy, and leaves more funds for the books I really will read again.

  3. 🙂 I like the idea of divesting myself from my possessions. I have two kids of my own and have to say we have boxes and boxes of stuff I never pull out any more. But I haven’t brought myself to part with it yet. I have to say I’ve slowed down in purchasing new books since I bought a house and we moved all of the boxes of books I own (after paring them down before we left)… Too many boxes!

    Thanks for the comments Wickedly Cool Bean & Feefifoto!

  4. I go to Barnes and Noble twice a month or so and I wish I went more often. I love spending time there, and it’s still where I buy most of my books.

  5. There used to be a little hole in the wall used bookstore in a town near my tiny little hometown. The woman who worked there was the kindest person on earth, and her cat freely roamed the stacks. I literally built my first library from the books I bought from that store. I bought pretty much every American classic in paperback, brand-new, or dog-eared, and was well on my way to reading them all. Sadly, the store closed recently. Now, I read law books (last year law student here) 🙁 I can’t wait to have the time to read something for fun again someday 😉

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