Reflections on 2008

Hi all…

I thought I’d take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to just sit back a bit and consider some of the many cool things that happened at the Lair in 2008.

FireworksWhen I started the Lair a couple of years ago, I never thought it would amount to much. It was simply a way for me to share movie reviews with friends and family as well as any other tidbits I might have to share. I’m happy to say that it’s far exceeded those meager expectations.

As far as movie reviews go, I had a chance to review 88 movies this year, either at the theater, on DVD, or streaming online (a far cry from the 14 reviewed in 2007). Some were stinkers, and some were amazing. I’ll post my top 10 list of movies from 2008 sometime early in 2009.

I was joined by my friend Andrew, who has contributed a few console gaming reviews this year. I’m sure that will continue in 2009. And others have talked about contributing to the cause as well in the upcoming year as time allows. (Are YOU interested in guest posting from time to time or being a regular poster? My e-mail address is available on the “About Fitz…” page — drop me a message and let’s chat!)

In addition, I started reviewing items on BlogCritics and BloggerNews this year, which has provided an amazing array of books, music, movies, and even computer software for me to review. Every month I have the pleasure of reviewing new releases from a number of different media and have to admit I’ve enjoyed 98% of everything I’ve had to review.

But my two favorite posts of the year have to be my interviews with Orson Scott Card and Nancy Kress. These are two amazing authors in the realm of science fiction and fantasy and I was lucky enough to communicate with them directly — all made possible because of this blog.

What cool things does 2009 have in store? Who the heck knows? But it should be an awesome ride!

Many thanks go to Andrew, all of my readers (more than 35,000 visits in 2008!), and especially those of you who comment regularly. The blog would have withered and died long before now without all of you!

I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Years’ celebration and a terrific 2009!


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