Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Green Knight!

Hey all…

Yes, it’s the one day a year where if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, it’s too dang easy. Green beer, Irish-themed food (I say that because I doubt that in Ireland they use food coloring nearly as much as we do in the USA), and revelry in the middle of the week that undoubtedly ends up for some people being an excuse to call in sick the next day…

Green River
Image by Giant Ginkgo via Flickr

Though I will most likely imbibe one or two beers this evening, I have long been out of the habit of drinking too much, so my head should not throb too badly in the morning.

As for dinner, our Crock Pot is already full of a corned beef soaking in two sacrificed bottles of Killian’s Irish Red (good beer for cooking). Later today I will be peeling and chopping up potatoes later for our mashed potato feast. And it’s the one night a year that I will ask that my daughters eat boiled cabbage. (At least a little, soaked in butter.)

For desert… Irish Soda Bread with butter.

Is it the healthiest dinner in the world? Nope. But it’s one of my favorites next to Thanksgiving dinner.

So enjoy the day, but please do so responsibly… And be sure to wear something green, or my mother might try to pinch you. 🙂

Happy St. Pat’s to all who would celebrate!


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