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This is a little off topic for my blog, but I’d like to spread the word about a great organization in Arizona dedicated to helping abused and at-risk children by connecting them with the love and affection of therapy dogs.

Pam, AJ, and Jack

This info is from their website at:

A smile where none existed… self-esteem instead of self-doubt… trust replacing betrayal-these are just some of the daily miracles Gabriel’s Angels’ Certified Pet Therapy Teams initiate each day in their work with abused and at-risk Valley children. Our loving dogs and owners offer unconditional love, teach empathy, respect and trust, all in an effort to help these children feel better about their lives. Thanks to our committed volunteers and supporters, we were able to serve over 1,500 valley children in crisis our first year. We need your help to reach this year’s goal of 10,000.

Gabriel’s Angels began innocently enough…one girl and one dog visiting with the children at the Crisis Nursery in Phoenix. With each visit we began to see remarkable changes in the children. We saw them become more empathetic when Gabe was around, they began to trust him because he kept his word and kept coming back. We knew we had something special!

With the support of family, friends and caring people who believed in us early on, we merged our love of animals and our love for children and Gabriel’s Angels was born in August of 2000.

Gabriel’s Angels has grown to nearly 90 teams volunteering at 80 facilities and agencies in the Valley. Currently all of our teams consist of owners and dogs. Cats are considered to be therapeutic to children as well, so we hope to add them to our list of teams in the future.

Walk-a-ThonMy family and I have been supporting this amazing organization and its purpose each year by participating in the Walk-a-Thon, a charity event where participants are sponsored in a 2 mile walk to raise money. Every year we’ve done the walk, we’ve come away knowing we’ve helped some great people help some great kids.

So if you love pets, kids, or both, and want to help out Gabriel’s Angels in its mission, we encourage you to donate (tax deductible!) your time and a few dollars a year to these wonderful people and their pets spreading wellness and love wherever they can in Arizona!

If you’d like to contribute, please go to this link to help our fundraising efforts: here

Thanks so much for your help!

p.s. The first picture is of founder Pam Gaber, her dog Jack, and my daughter AJ from the 2007 Walk-a-Thon. This is truly a family affair!


  1. By the way, the walk is Saturday, March 1st, so if you’re going to contribute to support my girls in their fundraising efforts, they’d appreciate the donations to be before 2/28. But Gabe will take your donations any time, so feel free to check out the Gabriel’s Angels site to see how to contribute throughout the year!

    Thanks for your help with this great cause! –Fitz

  2. Hi Dr. Fitz! I received a google blog alert for Gabriel’s Angels and low and behold it was you. 🙂 Thanks for the promo spot and I am looking forward to seeing you on the 1st.
    Pam and the furry crew

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