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Hi all…

Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been a roleplaying gamer for a very long time… Probably since the 7th grade, which means it’ll be 25 years next year… Wow, I’m getting old. 🙂

Anyway… I wrote a roleplaying game with a friend of mine, Sean Bindel, and we worked on it from about 1994 or so until he died in 2000. It’s taken me this long to get some initiative and energy to work on those books again.

I’m happy to say that the first of these books, the Moebius Adventures Roleplaying Game Core Rules book, should be available in PDF and hardcopy form later this year – probably November or December. The plan is to follow it up every 6 months or so with a supplement based on the three settings we created — a traditional fantasy setting called the Age of Phaedrus, a non-traditional fantasy setting called Immortals’ Wake, and a modern book called Covert Directives.

I’m proud of the work that we did and want to share it with others with a passion for roleplaying. I will soon be putting up a website for Moebius Adventures and will provide a link from here — and will be blogging about my publishing efforts on a related site.

Please spread the word and we’ll see if we can tour the Moebius strip and return these books to the wild.



  1. I have a personal question and maybe I have the wrong person as I write this. Sean Bindel is who I am referring to, you said he died in 2000. Is this the same Sean Bindel that went to Rangeview High School in Aurora, Co and grew up there as well?? If not please disregard this but if it is then please send me an email and fill me in on Sean and I guess what happened if you don’t mind. I and a few others have wondered whatever happened to him and hoped he would show up on facebook. Anyway, please let me know either way…Thank you and good luck

  2. Hi Jeff… Yes, that’s him. Let me send you an e-mail with the details. Thanks for the ping.

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