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Hey all…

As a long time gamer (Junior High was a long time ago) who has played D&D now in multiple forms multiple ways, I have to say that the announcement of D&D 4th Edition didn’t do much for me. But Massayrm’s article has made me at least consider looking at it, which is a step forward from where I was.

You can find his article here.

D&D 4e

So here’s what I think (after the break)…

1. My big problem with D&D has always been that it is class based. I prefer open systems where it’s not what you are (classes) but what you know (skills). That’s why the Moebius Adventures roleplaying game went that direction instead of the more traditional D&D approach.

It doesn’t appear that D&D 4e is going to fix that at all.

2. My other big problem with D&D is that if you play some of the weaker characters, such as spellcasters, you eventually end up with nothing to do. When you run out of spells and darts (or whatever missile weapon you’re using at the time), you simply have to sit down or commit suicide by running into combat.

3. And then there’s the combat system, which did change between 2e & 3e for the better, but is still clunky with rules and special cases that 90% of us never use.

From Massawyrm’s review, it sounds like maybe they fixed 2 and 3. So maybe it’ll be worth looking at.

What do you guys think? Any thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition? Love it, hate it, on the fence?



  1. I started gaming with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons back in ’94. I liked it a lot but loved the 3rd ed. even more. 3.5 kind of ticked me off, and now this completely new version has me worried. Sure, some of the local gamers have posted summaries of what to expect after DDXP, but I’m still ‘iffy.’

    Thank you for posting the article, though! Very interesting!!!

  2. My initial concern is that the new edition is a pure-money grub. Which was reinforced by Wizards decision to put out preview books for sale before the core books for 4th come out — charging for them, instead of making them free to get everyone jazzed about the new edition.

    I also am concerned that there is no possible way to upgrade characters from the previous edition. So what do you do if you are in full swing in a campaign?

    What caught my attention in the article is that druids won’t be in the initial classes released to the masses. Which means they are going to continue the trend of adding classes (paragon or full-blown) in additional books. They will probably also keep the trend of feats everywhere. So every GM will have to make the decision of what books are really necessary to run a campaign.

    The XP changes were something I was already doing in my system. The magic item system change will be a good thing. Btw, you can do a multi-monster encounter in 3.5, but it does take more balancing.

    Shrug. The new edition for D&D will probably be more interesting to me than the new edition of the World of Darkness from White Wolf was. But I don’t know. (I didn’t even get into the new edition from WW enough to see what improvements they made to the actual system.)

    So where does that leave me? Debating about things I was thinking about getting for 3.5 as to whether I’ll still be playing 3.5 in a year.

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