I am a Civilization 4 Junkie…

Hey there…

I have to admit… I am a Civ 4 junkie. I’ve actually been a Civilization junkie since the first version came out many moons ago. But it’s the one game I have that I haven’t grown tired of in a short amount of time.

Are there any other Civ addicts out there? Come on… I know there are… Share your pain. 🙂



  1. I was a junkie for a bit on civ 3, but never gave civ 4 a try. I think I was burnt out on the concept. Another game that seems to have the same lure that civ does is the galatic civilization franchise. They went that extra step in the second one to actually make it so you could design your own ships.

    Plus the publisher is pretty good about updating the AI regularly to eliminate cheese tactics, so it can be hard to beat.

  2. Funny enough, it appears that the next Civ 4 update due out this summer will add some Galactic Civ kinds of things — maybe more like Alpha Centauri was a few years ago.

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