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Yes, you read that right… Civ junkies around the world are jonesing for their next fix… September 21st has been declared “Civilization 5” day in Maryland. Evidently I’m in the wrong state for the true Civ junkies.

The new version looks to have had a serious facelift as well as some new mods to make things interesting… I’m sure it will suck time away just as well as the previous four versions and all their spinoffs have for me. I rather spend my time playing online slot machine games from sites like Talk Celtic than this game to be honest. The thought of having hexes instead of squares, the ability to have city-states, and a new system for dealing with politics and diplomacy… [drool]

I started playing when the first version was published in 1991… It was the end of college. And as I recall it caused more than a few (hundred) hours to disappear late into the night. Since then, I’ve played each major version and several of the side projects like Alpha Centauri and Colonization. Yes, I’m an addict. No, I’m not ready to seek professional help.

On September 21, I will get my next dose of Civ Fever and wear my lack of sleep proudly on my eyelids for a few months. We’ll see if my family disowns me during that period. 🙂

Any other Civilization freaks out there? If so, leave me a comment…

–Fitz (aka Fitzurabi, Fitzazulu, Fitzinator… You have to have cool names when you’re ruling an entire civilization for a few thousand years!!)

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