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Trophy Picture Hi all!

The Playstation3 (PS3) has just received trophies! Yea!

To anyone new to the PS3 or doesn’t have one, the PS3 hasn’t had a system-wide reward system in place until now. The XBOX 360 has had its gamerscore system in place for a while now. This change for the PS3 was introduced the beginning of July with the 2.40 (broken) and 2.41 firmware upgrades.

The introduction of trophies is a great addition. It adds that little extra incentive for people that like to push the limits of the games they buy, and see if they have the right stuff. On the other hand, there are some really weird or insanely hard trophies for each game that will have people pulling their hair out. Once you get all the trophies for a game (copper, silver, & gold), you achieve the platinum trophy for that particular game. Each of the smaller trophies boost your PS3 gamer level (score) and the platinum trophy boosts it a lot. As you “level up” it will be progressively harder to gain levels.

I am really looking forward to working with the PS3 trophy system. I play a lot of PS3 games and now I have a way to track my progression. In addition, this can be a fun community building tool. I can compare my trophies with the trophies of people on my friends list. Right now I have to believe my friends when they said they shot the fly off the general’s shoulder at a 1000 paces ;).

What does everyone think about these type of tools (“Carrots”) to encourage people to get as much out of a game as possible? It can have good and bad consequences.

**Super Stardust™ HD, a PLAYSTATION Network-exclusive released last year, will be the first game to leverage the Trophies system and will offer a variety of trophies. I am currently trying to get these now**

The following games will offer Trophy support:

• BUZZ!™ Quiz TV
• LittleBigPlanet™
MotorStorm™ Pacific Rift
• NBA 09 – PS3
• PAIN** (out now, trophy patch coming)
PixelJunk™ Eden
• Resistance 2™
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
• Warhawk™** (out now, trohpy patch coming)

— Andrew

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