Congratulations to our Paul of Dune Winner!

Hi all!

For the Paul of Dune contest giveaway we had four entries… Forged, Crystal, Andrew, and Jessika. Thanks to all four of you for entering the contest!

Yesterday morning I used’s Random Integer generator to generate a random number between 1 and 4. It returned 2.

So congratulations to Crystal, our Paul of Dune winner!

She’s responded to my e-mail with an address and I will be mailing the book to her sometime in the next few days.

Again, thanks to everyone who submitted an entry and congratulations to Crystal!

Stay tuned for more giveaways in future months!


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  1. Was this copy of PoD the free one the HLP sent you to get you to write a positive review on that blogger site ? That’s also an evil thing to do to people you consider friends. Crystal is going to be mad at you after she’s read this thing.

  2. No. And I honestly resent the implication here. I ended up with a second copy of the book that I purchased through a book club, and I did not need two copies.

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