Game Review: The Last Guy (PS3/PSN)

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Entry Screen
The new PlayStation Network (PSN) game “The Last Guy” just came out about a week ago. This is a fun little title that combines several elements – you collect people stuck in buildings hiding from zombies roaming the streets in various cities, and guide them to the escape zone. This is a top down, Google Maps-like view, and you direct your guy near the various buildings.

[rating: 3/4]
When you get to the buildings, the people come out and follow you in a line. The more people you have in your line, the more stamina you have, and you can perform special techniques like surrounding a building with your long line and any new people escaping the building automatically zoom to the back of the line.

Main Play ScreenAs each city progresses, different types of zombies come out and add different types of challenges. There are basic zombies that just chase you, but give up when they lose sight of you. There are some that guard important areas and can sense you (which you have to trick them). Then there are some really strange ones like spore zombies that if they see you will fill the area with a fog that prevents you from seeing the screen (in normal viewing mode).

Another view you get is basically a thermal view in which you can see green dots for people. The bigger the dots, the more people are in the buildings. This helps you plan our your path and strategy. This view is also helpful when you can’t see (like when the spore zombies attack) or invisible zombies like the chamelThermal Vieweon zombies (which you can see in this mode when they are invisible in normal mode).

With all these things combined, this game is a lot of fun. I ended up going back to try to rescue more people in the time allotted and seeing if I was able to rescue all the VIP people from each level (5 each level in different building/areas)

The visuals are fun and you get to go to famous cities throughout the world. The music is very catchy and has some really fun/weird sound effects and voice-overs.

For $9.99 this title is a great value. If you are not sure, you can download the demo and try out one level. Try it out, and let us know how you liked it here (if you have a PS3 of course).

I give this 3 out of 4 Green Knights.


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