Friday Funnies

Hi all…

This falls into the category of “why, oh why would you even attempt this!?!?”

And then we have a Sarah Palin shoot-along.

And some amusing animation. 🙂

Enjoy your Friday!

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Site Review: Not Always Right

Hey all…

This is another “discovered while dropping” site, thanks to Cromely’s World.

Laughing HyenaNot Always Right is a hilarious take on customer service in all its varied forms. As someone who worked in various retail stores all the way through high school and college, I can attest to the fact that the customer isn’t always right. But these stories take the cake.

On the front page of the blog today is this gem:

(from this post) PEBCAK

Caller: “Hi, I want to use my roommate’s computer but it’s not working.”

Me: “Could you describe the problem?”

Caller: “Well, there’s a sign next to it that says ‘In case of error, PEBCAK.’ Could you explain it?”

Me: *tries not to laugh* “It’s short for ‘Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard’.”

Caller: “Oh! I get it! Hold on…”

(I hear a loud cracking sound and some faint swearing.)

Caller: “It’s still not working!”

Me: “Er… what did you do?”

Caller: “I took away the wooden bit under the keyboard… now it’s right over the chair!”

(I actually head-desked after that.)

That made me ROFL this morning. And for that, I must salute Not Always Right. 🙂

Be sure to check out the constantly updated cast of idiots that help make our nation great!


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And Now for Something Completely Different…

The Python team  Back row: Graham Chapman, Eri...Image via Wikipedia

Hey all…

In my travels around the Blogosphere, I often come across things I’d like to share. This video combines two things I like to good effect… John Cleese of the Monty Python troupe and laughing. Who doesn’t need a good laugh now and then? And we’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, so why don’t we see some of these laughter groups in the U.S. or Canada? Maybe it’s time to start one!

Thanks go to the Train Yoga site for this one!


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