New T-shirts – show love for your designated furry napping friends!!

Hi all…

It’s been forever since I created any new t-shirts or bumper stickers and thought it was about time I did something about that. 🙂

As a pet owner, I have always felt like any cats and dogs I have had are operating as my “designated nappers…” What does this mean? Well, when you can’t take a nap, you can be sure that your cat or dog is probably taking a nap at that very moment. And though I’m sure they mean well and it doesn’t help, it’s still quite cute. 🙂

So I present the “designated napper” series of t-shirts and bumper stickers…





Be sure to check out the other t-shirts and products in my Cafepress store HERE

Enjoy and I hope you like them!


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Robin Williams as the US Flag

Hi all…

Occasionally I get an e-mail from a friend or family member that I just have to pass along. This one of those. I love Robin Williams and have for many years. He’s one of the most talented, bizarre, funny men in the world. But I’d never seen this bit with him as the American Flag.

several small American flags

Image via Wikipedia

He does it proud. Watch if you get a chance. It’s worth it as we go into the November elections to remember that it’s more than politics and politicians we’re voting for.


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