xkcd today — lol

Hi there…

There are a few web comics that are my guilty pleasures… Each morning I take a look at Questionable Content (often NSFW), xkcd, and Dilbert among others.

This morning when I fired up the xkcd site, I got this comic about estimation…

And I nearly fell off my chair. Like anyone who deals with Windows daily (though now I’m dealing with Windows and Linux), I have often been hit by this bizarre computation of time while copying a file… Time is not a constant, it’s a steadily changing value when you wait for a file resource to finish copying… And I’ve seen it do the 15 minutes to 6 days to 30 seconds stream of consciousness many, many times.

I love xkcd. It’s hilarious!!


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  1. I think we’ve all had issues with that ridiculous time measurement system of windows.. lol, I can hardly remember the days when I actually tried to gauge how long a process would take by the on-screen dialog.

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