Who knew zombies could write poetry? Anybody?

Hey all…

A few months ago a friend of mine found this little gem called Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum. As a fan of the zombie genre and with friends suffering a similar affliction (we zombiephiles need to stick together), I was immediately entranced by this book. I bought two copies so I could keep one and spread the love.

And now that Christmas over and the zombie love has been spread, I can talk about this great, twisted book.

Where else can you find haiku poems like the following:

“You are so lucky
that I cannot remember
how to use doorknobs.”


“Nothing hurts me now.
Normally the screwdriver
wouldn’t have gone there.”

Told from two perspectives, the book explores the poetry of the original writer of the “poetry journal” as well as the scribbled notes of the victim who discovers it while on the run from a zombie horde. You get to chuckle along as the haikus get further and further warped by the zombie poet and brought back to earth by the panic of the poor victim who discovered the book shortly before he too was consumed by the zombie collective…

It’s truly a unique work, one which should be studied and duplicated — but none will repeat its insane synchronicity. It will sit proudly on my shelf with World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide!

Be sure to check it out. Great as a gag gift for any zombiephile!


p.s. Be sure to pick up your own copy before the zombies get ’em all!

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  1. There are a lot of funny quotes from this book. One of my favorites from the book was:

    The microwave falls,
    and then I drop again.
    No more dog problem.

    Another one I just read was funny => Getting trampled on used to eventually kill you. Now it just annoys.

    This is a perfect coffee table book.


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