“Stonefather” story by Orson Scott Card in the Wizards anthology

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Thought I’d post a brief review of my favorite short story in the Wizards collection. You can pick it up from Amazon below…

At any rate, the story was an introduction to a new series Orson Scott Card is publishing in early 2008. The story was about a boy, Runnel, unloved by his family who eventually leaves home to find his own way in the world, stumbling across a city of wizards. He comes to work for a stone wizard and not only meets new friends, but gains a fresh understanding about himself and his place in the world.

What was interesting to me was the theme that each of us has some mystic powers in the world, if only we’d open our eyes and recognize them for what they are. Runnel meets a girl, Lark, who becomes his friend as another of the servants for the wizard’s household. And though she knows she has some ability in a given area (she can influence birds), she doesn’t see herself as a wizard and so never develops those abilities.

It was an uplifting story of change and hope. Definitely one of the best fantasy short stories I’ve read lately. The anthology was a bit hit and miss, though has some good stories as well. It was just nice that they chose to end the collection with Card’s story – as it was amazing.

Anyway… Hope everyone is doing well. If you pick up the book, let me know what you think of Card’s short story the “Stonefather”.



  1. i thought it was amazing! i really liked the way it was written. if you hear anything about this series, please, i beg you to let me know.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree. The world was one that intrigued me. I’ll put my ear to the ground and see if I can scrounge anything up. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the kind words about Stonefather. It’s coming out as a standalone book on 31 October; and I’m writing my brains out on the first of the Mithermages series, called The Lost Gate. I really love working in this magical world (which crosses over to present day Earth in ways that you’ll see in that first book) and I appreciate knowing that there are at least a few people who like the world I’m creating.


  4. I’m definitely looking forward to the book at the end of October (adding it to my list right now to watch for)!

    Ever since Ender, you’ve been among the top authors on my list. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my little corner of the universe!

    Good luck with The Lost Gate!

  5. To check out a little more of this world, particularly its bleakest deserts, check out Sandmagic, in Maps in a Mirror.

  6. OSC is one of my favorite authors. In terms of pure enjoyment while reading he is number one for me. “Stonefather” lived up to that standard for me. It’s September of 2010 and I just got my hands on it, but I am already upset “The Lost Gate” isn’t published yet. The world this is based in is intriguing, and as always the characters live out their written actions across the page for my eyes and mind to see not read. I always feel like I lived as Card’s characters lived after finishing. I’m 2 years after this thread has been commented on, but I’m first in line waiting for the new book to release.

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